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JAGACHINA 技术培训第一期 圆满开幕


作为2016年JagaChina市场培训计划的重要组成部分,第一期技术培训在3月17日终于隆重举行了。此次培训为期三天,在三月里将会滚动举行三次,以期覆盖JagaChina在大中华地区的所有销售片区。这次培训的目的在于让广大技术人员进一步了解jagaChina公司文化, 产品线,以及提高安装水平来为顾客提供世界一流的售后服务。对于这次培训学习,公司领导高度重视,亲自督导并策划,为培训工作的顺利开展提供了大力支持。 
As an important part of our Jaga China training program, the first technical training has been held on 17th of March. The three-day training will be organized three times in March, in order to cover all sales Area of Jaga China in the Greater China region. The goal of this training is to educate technical staff to acquire more knowledge about the company culture of Jaga China, product line, and to introduce installation standards to provide world-class service for customers. For this training, the management of Jaga China attaches great importance, from planning to personal supervision, providing support for the successful training.
People who attend the training are: operation director-Mr. Zhu, marketing director-Mr. Xie, Sales Director- Mr. Li, Technical support-Linda Wang and Mr. Xu, Intelligent control engineer- Mr. Huang, and product manager Mr. Zhu from compressor supplier Emerson. Each trainer explains detailed technical characteristics and priorities of each serie of products. As well as to teach how to design and make a selection according to customers’ requirements. During the training process, everyone should make serious thoughts and participate actively.
The main courses comprises parts as described below: 
1. Company section: Introduction and development of Jaga, the concept of corporate culture, corporate planning and development prospects.
2. Product section: Radiators, fan coils, floor heating units and Intelligent Control
3. Technical section: Emerson compressors and principles of the heat pump working
4. Design section: Design and selection of equipment, typical cases
5. Practical operation section: Installation of Jaga intelligent heat pump system, selection of mounting hardware and FAQs, intelligent control wiring and commissioning
六、销售篇: 终端销售的标准流程以及典型销售问题的讲解
6. Sales section: to clarify the standard process of terminal marketing and typical marketing problems
7. Examination section: an examination to highlight key points of training and issue thereafter the corresponding certificates
We do hope that this training will be of help for every partner to explore the market better, and to provide customers with excellent service experience. Although this to be the first phase of this training, there is inevitable inadequacies, and we appreciate the support and inclusiveness of our partners who participate in this training. We do believe this training will become a highlight of the platform of Jaga China.
Night falls, the headquarters of Jaga China, which is located alongside the Huangpu River, still brightly lit, partners from across the country gathered here are still learning, discussing and researching products, with the aim of promoting smart home concept all over China.
Dear friends, see you next time.